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Our Mission is to Act as a Leading Voice for the Rights, Dignity, and Protection of Refugees and Immigrant Newcomers to the United States of America.


Our Vision is to Empower the Refugees and Immigrants in the US to Rebuild their Lives and Reach their Full Potential to Move Towards Self-Sufficiency and Ambitious Lives.


Thank you for your donation. Your generosity means everything to us and to the community we serve.


Register for the Events. Participants can Register Online through Our Website or in Person at our Office. All Proceeds from the Events will be Used to Support Refugee Services.


  • Refugee Resettlement Services
  • Employment Program
  • Refugee Health Service
  • Education


Looking to Make a Difference? Volunteer with Us Today! It is a Great Way to Give Back to Your Community and Make a Real Difference in the Lives of Others.

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